Friday, September 16, 2011

Broken Heart Poems

heartbroken poems
wind touches the heartwhen you intimated livercould you play heartsleave me with tears moon
who has a broken heartcracks did not seem to want to glownow just a gaping sorrowsgrief become loyal lover
I need not sinkbody-wrenching smileI no longer ignored
I now steppedwith prayer in the clutchmay God grant that better than you

This despondenttwilight cover megaspotty drizzle coloring dayswho has a broken hearttears rain wetted
you left no farewelldrops of blood that you leave behinda wound in the liver
Oh God he was in heaven thyarrange a meeting is ourwith Thy love and RidaAmien.

forget this heartwhen dry leaves fallingdry wind caressing herselfmy silent starewhen you pick my left
but that's okayI did not stem the tearsyour departuregrace to me
I hope you find happiness therewith him through the worldhappy with my now deserted
nothing is better than youthan someone who would understand meMy now late in the last searchI believed the Lord with me
heartbroken poemsAfter that nightyou're gone I will still laggingsembil kudekap tightly liver piecesTears were just a sign of farewellsob-broken heart poemsLove so meraga, torn tercambukto miss a gaping wound and blood was drippingScattered on the ground parched, scorching stabbedjejakkan memories, the story of thousands of deprecatedAnd, until tired chastisesin this ancient hemisphere you're not there anymoreYou've been gone ...reach a thousand sparkling starsbeautiful dream that you forward along your ageAnyway ...nanarku face only hope of happinessfor you, always ...I have to remain standing uprightsearch for others heal sore kepastilanfor life goes bywith ... or without you again
heartbroken poemsheartbreak happens not because of something small. flavor that grows larger in the heart is what can make a person become a broken heart. One to reduce the pain is to put it in poetry, accompanied by prayer and our efforts to treat wounds that are etched in the hearts.


  1. These are lovely broken heart quotes, you may also like my poem too.

    ” He can’t see”

    Look at him, sitting there so handsome
    How can he not see
    All these things i feel for him
    But I know that we can’t be

    The way I feel about him
    All the things that I would do
    The things I think about him
    I almost wish he knew

    I would give up dreaming
    and living just for him
    I would change my life
    Even change my name for him

    I know this is impossible
    I know we just can’t be
    I know there is no ‘we’
    Just because….he can’t see

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